Custodial Services

Hawk-Eye’s core competency lies in Custodial services. Our team of experts and professionals are constantly engaged in evolving specialized strategies to manage & maintain properties of NRI, Resident Indians and other investors in India. Our primary focus is to safeguard our client’s property during the contractual period. In addition, some of the other services offered to our clients are as follows:

• Identifying appropriate tenants for the property owners
• Executing Rental Agreements and
• Timely Collection of the rent & its Deposit in the respective bank account of the    owner

Apart from safeguarding our client’s property, other key custodial services offered by Hawk-Eye Realty Ventures are as follows:

• Property tax assessment
• Obtaining & maintaining revenue documents
• Execution of agreements
• Utility Bill Payments i.e. electricity bills, water tax, insurance payments etc
• Facilitate Property Insurance, such as Insurance against Fire, Burglary, Household    policies etc.
• Counsel our clients regarding the best mortgage loans


Facility Management

We manage facilities that function impeccably thereby freeing the concern/our client to focus on their business and financial objectives. We deal exclusively with multiple inefficiencies like deferred maintenance & repairs and focus on efficient maintenance of the interior & exterior front of all kinds of properties. Our team offers complete range of customized interior designing & architectural services for both commercial & residential spaces.

Security Solutions

Our customized security solution to both commercial & residential real estate segment ensures effective controlling & safeguarding. In addition to offering security personnel, we install monitoring equipments such as Video Surveillance System (VSS), Access Control Systems (ACS) etc. Other security mechanisms include installation of safety equipments such as Burglar Alarm System, Smoke Detectors & Fire Extinguishers


Advisory Services

• Project Approval
• Project Execution
• Project Management
• Property Buying & Selling
• Crisis Management – handling litigation, mitigate encroachment related issues,    rental issues etc.

Market Knowledge Services

Our market research team tracks information on all properties that are actively being marketed for sale and identifying suitable opportunities available for rental and purchase. We provide latest information on market value, return on investment and property valuation to the owners, tenants, potential investors eying the South Indian commercial or residential real estate segment.


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